A company with a great industrial heritage, for over half a century Camac has developed as a truly international enterprise, deeply rooted in the diverse national markets. Our competitive strength is founded on our technological and research capabilities. Constant attention to market requirements allows us to produce and market modern products of high quality.

Innovation and research represent the distinguishing traits of Camac, a company that has embraced the challenge of creating value. Our conduct is regulated by an Ethical Code applied consistently and responsibly by all the Camac Tyre’s employees and suppliers throughout the world. Our management strategy is based on an optimum balance of the taking of direct responsibility and teamwork.

We shall be capable of financing our continued growth with the creation of appropriate value, in the interests of our shareholders, clients and employees while respecting the communities in which the company operates.


  1. THE ONLY PORTUGUES TYRES MANUFACTURER - The uniqueness of our history and the accumulated experience are invaluable resources that we manage properly to consolidate our market position worldwide.
  2. 100% PORTUGUESE - We use 100% portuguese technology and labour.
  3. PROFESSIONALISM - We continuously develop and improve new products and solutions in harmony with the requirements of the markets.
  4. SMART SOLUTIONS - With a comprehensive vision we will continuously develop new products and solutions that aim to optimize the quality of work and the use of resources.



Camac’s history and experience are a priceless asset which we manage properly in order we have a strong and solid presence in the tyre market. Either in the car tyre sector, as well as in light truck and 4x4 tyres, Camac offers a range of products for, focussing on high and ultra-high performance products that aim to combine a notable level of stability and safety in all driving conditions with elevated grip and roadholding even at high speeds.



Particular expertise in the constructionof tyres, capable of supporting high levels of stress has also permitted Camac to establish a significant position both in the market for high performance tyres and van tyres.